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How can Speak Well With Willpower help our community?

Fists in Solidarity

We provide programmes of spoken voice exercises that are generally only available to private school pupils, drama students, or clients on expensive corporate speaking courses.

Our programmes encourage vocal self-exploration. The aim is increased powers of vocal expressiveness.

But there are other benefits too: Speaking emotionally-powerful texts aloud can be cathartic and offer opportunities for emotional self-reflection – which can lead to feelings of enhanced well-being.

Matthew Collins witnessed this when working with prisoners. Exploration of texts expressing destructive emotions provided platforms for discussing negative feelings – while exploration of texts expressing tenderness encouraged engagement with gentleness.

Additionally, articulating rich, powerful language was often seen to increase intellectual, social and public speaking confidence.

Fists in Solidarity

Participants also benefit from exploring rhetoric – learning techniques ranging from how to grab audience attention; to structuring a speech; to speaking words that really land on a listener.


The ultimate aim of Speak Well with Willpower is for communities that take its programmes to benefit from enhanced vocal skills and public speaking confidence (with participants benefiting in situations ranging from a job interview, sales pitch, presentation or Zoom meeting, to a centre stage speech) as well as enhanced well-being.

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